Birthday Wishlist

This post is a bit cheeky, but some of my friends have asked me to do this - here is a birthday wishlist.
Big Presents (*cough cough rents or sibling with well paid job*)
  1. Hair straighteners 
    1. This is so I can curl my hair, obviously
  2. American Apparel Disco Pants 
    1. Sort of steep, but this is my ultimate dream birthday present, in black size S. With them, I can be like Sandy from Grease.
Smaller Presents
  1. Nail strengthener polish/base coat 
  2. Some cool socks
  3. The "" domain 
    1. or £10 for me to do that - I will love you forever 
  4. Cool posters
  5. A cool DVD 
    1. I haven't watched many films so don't worry about me already owning it because I probably don't
  6. A cool album
    1. Such as "The Invitation to the Voyage" by Eugene McGuiness!!!!!!!!!! - this album isn't even released yet (release date 06/08/12), but if you guys pre-order it he will sign it personally eeeeeeek! 
    2. or "Loveblood" by King Charles
  7. A cool lunch box or water bottle 
    1. Preferably a tin one with some sort of Marvel superhero on the front
  8. An exciting set of coloured gel pens
  9. A (challenging) paint by numbers kit
    1. I got a paint by numbers kit when I was 9 or something, and I was so close to completion, but the paints ran out. 

Don't get me...
  1. Gift cards
    1. I asked for this last year and consequently have still not yet spent them as I find it hard to depart with money, as I always think I can find a better deal when I can't, so I end up building up a collection of them that expire.
  2. Bath stuff
    1. I don't take baths.
Pretty please!

Rebecca  x


  1. Hope you get the disco pants, they are the best! So flattering :) I have them in navy! xx

  2. Any hints to what you havent got now your party's over? x Dont want to get you the domain twice or something...


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